005 – Julep Naughty & Nice Mystery Box Reveal

EDIT: Joanna is gone! I put that in a stocking. So I still have Faye and Lois for giveaway! Comment for a frost!

So I’m just going to get this out there: I am not a Julep Maven. I don’t think Julep’s product is worth the Maven price, and I’m not a fan of subscription boxes anyway.


Each month when Julep unveils a new Mystery Box, my Spidey Sense begins to tingle and I order one. It’s a MYSTERY!

So I have approximately 400,000 Julep polishes and I keep getting more because Mystery Boxes are an addiction. And for you, I shall reveal the Julep Naughty & Nice Mystery Box!

IT IS A MYSTERY. Also my bed is messy.

IT IS A MYSTERY. Also my bed is messy.

I hope you like reveals, my peeps, because this will be ONE. PHOTO. HEAVY. POST.

Dial up modems will hate me.

Yes, they still exist.

So because I had a little extra scratch, I also chose to purchase the Naughty & Nice Mystery Add-On, which was $9.99. The box itself was $25 (and worth $125), so all in all it’s not a bad price for the swag I was presented.

Bring me your swagg.

Bring me your swagg.

And the swag was beyond. It was a great mix of product and polish, and the product is amazing. I already can’t wait to bust into it and write reviews for each piece.

Typically each month a Mystery Box is numbered, so the fun is in comparing your box to other boxes to see who got what. However, this month my box was labeled “December Mystery Box” so I assume everyone received the same box. But hey, you know, this one was really good so I don’t mind it!

Let’s take a look at what I got, shall we?

Naughty & Nice Mystery Add-on

Naughty & Nice Mystery Add-on – l to r Lois, Jane, Faye

The Mystery Add-on consisted of 3 polishes: Lois (frost, ew), Jane (glitterbomb), and Faye (a turd yellow frost) ($14 per polish, julep.com). Suffice to say, I’m giving away Lois and Faye. I won’t even swatch them. I hate frosts, I hate turd yellow frosts, and this was only worth adding for Jane.

Leave a comment or drop a line on my Contact Page and you’ll be the lucky winner of Lois or Faye – I’m even going to pay for the shipping. Not gonna lie, these are gross polishes. Lois is pretty if you like frosts, but Faye is dookie.

Julep Polish Haul - 6 POLISHES!

Julep Polish Haul – 6 POLISHES!

But the polish haul was DIVINE. The bundle on the left consisted of – from top to bottom – America (glitter), Nellie (créme), and Joanna (FROST NO.). America is a great patriotic glitter topper, but I mostly like it for the stars suspended in the clear base. The rest of the patriotic jumble bumble I can take and leave. Nellie looks like she’ll be a beloved part of my collection, because I adore crémes, and I can’t wait to give her a try later. But Joanna is up for giveaway. WHO WANTS A PERIWINKLE FROST? Send me your DEETS, people, this is free polish. I’ll even write you a note on Tokidoki stationary, you’ll love it.

The bundle on the right consisted of – from left to right – Aviva (GLITTERBOMBBB), Alaina (créme), and Brenda (frosty white nonsense mother of God). BUT I think I’ll keep Brenda because it looks more shimmery than frosty, and if I swatch it and despise its very nature it’ll be up for giveaway.

Serums and blotting papers. Which are my two favorite things in the WORLD.

Serums and blotting papers. Which are my two favorite things in the WORLD.

But this box also came with great product swag. It came with facial serums and blotting papers, two things I can’t live without. The serums themselves are sample sizes of Julep’s Luxe Repair Skin Serum ($28, julep.com), which claims to deliver “deep hydration and essential nutrients to help rebuild skin structure from the inside out” (Julep, 2013). And let me say this, Julep was bloody generous with the samples. I think I have close to 57. Really, it’s four, but still. I love skin goodies and I can’t wait to slather this into my pores.

It also came with Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers ($itisamystery, julep.com), which will probably be as soothing as it sounds. My nose tends to produce a lot of oils, even with mattifying product, so I’ll definitely try this and keep you guys updated. I hope it staves off oil.

Rock Star Hand Creme

Rock Star Hand Creme

There was also a small purse-sized tube of the Rock Star Hand Creme ($20 for a full sized bottle, julep.com), which I like; it’s light and smells wonderful and it keeps my dry paws hydrated. Definitely a nice product, but you can get just as nice if not better hydration from other hand cremes on the market (Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand Creme is probably the best you can get and you can get it for $4.49 on drugstore.com).




After spending close to $∞ on primer from Clarins, Julep throws this in my box: Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer ($28, julep.com). Of course I’ll rub it on my face and see if it’s better or worse than my Clarins primer, but…I should have probably waited to buy primer because now I have two primers from two good brands.

And because Julep wanted to supply me with a face…



Lipgloss AND eyeliner! REALLY? REALLY. The gloss came in a full-sized tube that’s about 100% nicer than their last foray into lip glosses, and it’s in a shimmery champagne color called Timeless ($22, julep.com). It swatched wonderfully and it’s one I plan to use for a light, glossy lip. The Kajal Eye Glider ($22, julep.com) was a toofer, and it came with a brown and a black shade. The brown is called Brown Shimmer, and the black is called Carbon Black. It also was paired with a pencil sharpener too. So, you know.

Let’s see how these lovelies looked, shall we?

I did a quick blurry arm swatch of the liners and the gloss.

Brown Shimmer, Carbon Black, and Timeless.

Brown Shimmer, Carbon Black, and Timeless.

The liners were highly pigmented and glided on, as the name suggests. These were definitely premium liners that I was working with, and for $25 for the BOX I certainly got my money’s worth and then some.

Wearing Brown Shimmer

Wearing Brown Shimmer

I decided to throw on Brown Shimmer to see how it worked with my natural eye, and it looks pretty fab. I love it. I think I’ll make it mine. I didn’t wear Carbon Black, because black liners tend to make my eyes look small and squinty.

I also threw on Timeless, and it applied a bit sticky but smelled great and provided lovely shimmer. By itself or over a lipstick, Timeless is a fun, pretty gloss that, as I had mentioned, is 100 times nicer than the old Julep glosses.

Look at how luxe it is!

Look at how luxe it is!

Seriously, there is no comparison.

Overall, I feel like I got my money’s worth and then some. I put in a $25 investment, and I saw a HUGE return. This box is just so fun. It’s got a little bit of everything!

Regrettably Julep is no longer carrying the Naughty & Nice Mystery Box for the month of December, but since they have released a new Mystery Box for every month this year, I assume next month will be the same. Make it your monthly indulgence. If you love it, holla. If you hate it, give it to your Mom. She loves you anyway.

So, what do you think? Nice haul? Or is it not enough to sway you to try Mystery Boxes? Leave a note in the comments and let’s talk pretty!

10 thoughts on “005 – Julep Naughty & Nice Mystery Box Reveal

  1. I think, over all, this looked to be an AWESOME haul! And well worth the price!!

    I LOVE THE NEW DESIGN/PACKAGING of the lipgloss. 20000x better than the last. The last one is just so uncomfortable to hold and apply. I have noticed though that the first one was also a bit sticky so that hasn’t changed. But still, I’m loving the new redesign of the packaging and the care they take to it.



    • The first iteration of lip gloss was hella sticky and hard to apply. This one is a little sticky, but if you dab it on and press it looks so great! It has a lovely gold shimmer too and it’s just a great…TIMELESS gloss!

      This box was worth it and then some! It was AMAZING. AAAAAAMAZING.


  2. Are you still interested in getting rid of them? Sadly, I do love frost polishes! That’s one of the strange things I picked up from my mother…LOL!


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